About SmartAccounting

SmartAccounting is a web based accounting plug and play application that is reliable, secure and comfortable. SmartAccounting is a product of PT Sydeco which is an IT company based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Smartaccounting is using the latest programing language that make all the process going faster. Even if SmartAccounting is a web based aplication, we guarantee the data because SmartAccounting is requesting user authority for the system, the backup and restore feature. SmartAccounting has an interactive layout that will help you to work easily. Now the time has come to replace the old system of accountancy by the new smart system. Now accounting will be easier: easy to use, SmartAccounting only needs a web browser and internet connection. Smartaccounting is suitable to all kind of business.


Using CodeIgniter and Bootstrap Framework, working faster and more precise.

Plug And Play

No need instalation and special requirements only need web browser and internet conection.


Using user Authority, Backup and restore feature.


Interactive design and easy to use. Easy to acess any where anytime


Smart Accounting is made to help you manage the accountancy of your company.

Users Authority

Using user authority, each user will have different privilege.

Printing the Report

SmartAccounting is also equipied with printing feature. This feature will help you to print the report.

Export Import Excel

Export - import from Excel feature will help you to work with different formats


Handling all types of your business transaction.


SmartAccounting is customizeable to your business.

Backup & Restore

Equiped with backup and restore feature to keep your data safe.

Web Based

SmartAccounting is a web based application, easy to access anywhere and anytime.

User Friendly Design

Because it is using the latest framework SmartAccounting has interactive display and is working faster.

Many More...

And many more feature that will help you manage the accountancy.


Below is the screenshot of SmartAccounting layout :

SmartAccounting Developer Team

SmartAccounting Developer Team